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My first revelation about being chosen was the result of a prayer meeting where the Spirit of the Lord ministered to me. From that encounter, I was delivered from rejection. I know I was delivered because it was not shortly thereafter, the enemy would come to try to steal the word of the Lord that was sown in my heart. Scripture tells us that the enemy comes because of the Word (Mark 4, The Parable of the Sower). When the word is sown in our hearts, the enemy comes to steal the word! Be on guard! We are not to be ignorant of the enemy's devices. We must guard our hearts with all diligence, for out of it flows the issues of life (Prov. 4:23). After that prayer meeting, the Lord revealed to me what it meant to be chosen.

Revelation is progressive. Although I had received the word the Lord released to me. There was still more He wanted me to know concerning being "chosen". Our Father is so personal, so intimate and so vested in our destiny and purpose. Just when we begin to believe opposite of what He has ordained, He does not hesitate to manifest in a way that gets our attention, so we are redirected to what He has said and promised.

I was recently redirected...chosen...revisited.

Father had another word for me to receive...another revelation about being chosen.

I recently participated in a free webinar on a study of the book of Ephesians by Dr. Brian Simmons. He recently released a updated version of The Passion Translation and has been sharing/teaching on Facebook on different books. The theme of this particular teaching was "Why God Chose You?". Well, of course, my interest was piqued. I have been reading The Passion Translation and participating in his webinars, so I was looking forward to this one too. Pretty normal for me. However, while listening to the teaching, which was powerful, Holy Spirit highlighted to me a footnote by Dr. Simmons on Ephesians 1:4.

"And he chose us to be his very own, joining us to himself even before he laid the foundation of the universe!" Eph. 1:4 The Passion Translation


The footnote referenced a Greek word, eklegomai. At the time I was not sure why Holy Spirit highlighted it to me, but I was compelled to ask Dr. Simmons a question about the footnote. In the footnote, Dr. Simmons wrote that an alternate Greek translation for the scripture is , "He chose us to be a 'word' before the fall of the world." ( Eph. 1:4 The Passion Translation 529ne.) Say what??? I asked Dr. Simmons about this Greek word- eklegomai. He expounded on the footnote and basically blew the doors off! God chose us to be a word proceeding from His mouth! Dr. Simmons went on to share about how we all have a message to release to the world. We are a word proceeding from the Father. You aren't my word and I am not your word, but we are each relevant because of what the Father has spoken! We are a message to someone from the Father!

Just when I was questioning what the Lord had spoken, He caused a man of God to confirm His word spoken to me over a year ago...almost to the day...I might add.

Last May 2017, I posted Chosen. I had forgotten that I had written about the Greek word eklegomai. The word had impacted me then, but I had let it slip because of opposition from the enemy. Even with a permanent reminder tatooed on my arm (Chosen Jn 15:16), I still needed the Father to bring it back to me. I needed His reassurance and He sent it. He wanted to remind me that His thoughts toward me had not changed. He wanted my thoughts to stay in agreement with His thoughts. Chosen did not only mean I was delivered from rejection, it meant even more. It meant that I was also a "word" proceeding from my Father's mouth. A message that He was sending to someone. His will, His doing, not mine. Chosen.

Alot has happened since that first revelation in May of 2017. He confirmed the first word back then, and He has confirmed it again. After the webinar, Holy Spirit lead me back to my blog from May 2017. Chosen. Now here, today in May of 2018. Chosen...Revisited.


God chose us to be a 'word' proceeding from His mouth!

Just think about that! Ponder it. Let it settle on your heart.

*You can go back and read the first blog entitled chosen

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