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Great Faith-Greater Works

"There is a release of revelation from My Kingdom that will be the catalyst for a NEW level of faith and manifestation to come on the earth. Just as I marveled at the great faith of the centurion-some will marvel at the authority of believers in this time and this season. For some will move into the realization and the revelation of the 'son' realm that will bring about manifestations that have yet to be seen. Holy Spirit is teaching and revealing what it means to have the great faith that I saw in the centurion who understood authority. Great faith can operate where there is an understanding of authority and the spoken word. There will be situations where the methods that were used in the past will no longer suffice-but the one who seeks to understand the realm in which the Son operates seeing the Father and doing what he sees and hears- will walk in the fullness of authority that I won. No man took my life, I laid it down knowing that there was Power available for it to be raised up again. Position yourself to seek to understand the revelation that is released and the unfolding even NOW. Great faith for greater works is available to him that believes, to him that has an ear to hear let him hear what the Spirit is saying. "

(Luke 7:1-10; Hebrews 2:1-12)

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