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Get At Your Gate

During the first week of September I heard the Spirit of God say, “Get at your gate!”. I have been pondering this and believe that it is a divine instruction of strategy for the next season. If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, then you are aware of the increased amount of spiritual warfare that is pervading the spiritual environment. We are in this world, but not of it. We live in this earthly realm, but are citizens of a Kingdom that operates in an unseen dimension. Therefore, I believe that the Spirit is directing the Body of Christ for strategic action at the gates. The reference to gates is not something entirely new to the Body of Christ, however this next Hebraic year of 5778 has been prophetically declared as a year to apostolically advance through doors/gates. The Hebraic number 8 is chet, symbolically it is the picture of a door, wall, or gate. There are various Hebraic interpretations that can be rendered however, numerically its symbolism represents new beginnings, fatness, fullness and the moving from the natural to the supernatural. (Gallagher, Hebrew Numbers 1-10, 2015).

The directive I heard in the Spirit is not coincidental. God is speaking and He is giving a directive about spiritual position and strategy for effective warfare so that His Glory can be released and manifested in the earth.


Nehemiah knew the importance of gates and doors in the rebuilding of the wall. During the process there was much opposition and warfare, but Nehemiah received strategy from the Father on how to position the families around the wall for protection until the assignment was completed.