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It's Powerful to Be In Good Company!

The very first time the LORD brought Psalms 68:11 to my attention was several years ago. I was part of a group of praying women and we were pursuing a vision for a business. I remember this word standing out to me and it being confirmed by a ministry that I was partners with at that time (Patrica King, XP Media). Even then, I had a desire to publish, so it was no real surprise that this scripture would minister to me. What was surprising to me was the rhema word that I had heard. I heard the LORD say..."It's powerful to be in good company!" This word resonated with me on so many levels. When I shared it with my praying friends it became the motto for the business venture we were praying out.

Recently while listening to a minister, this word dropped in my spirit again. "It's powerful to be in good company!"

The scripture in Psalms is talking about an army when it says company. See the LORD gives the word or the command and great is the company or army that publishes it...or proclaims it! Well in order to publish something you have to first hear it. The LORD is speaking and there is a "great" company that is trembling at His word...anxious to hear the sound of heaven...the rushing of many waters...the still small voice in order to release the proclamation.

The word great is translated in Hebrew from Strong's Concordance #H7227 as rab meaning; much, many, great, abounding, more numerous than, abundant, enough, great, strong, greater than, much, exceedingly.

There is a great company that is hearing what is proceeding from the mouth of God Most High.

Father is so immense and wide and deep that we can hardly fathom the depths of the mysteries found in Him and His Christ. One mystic called him the "Cloud of Unknowing". Yet the Spirit calls to each of us to search the depths of God...selah...and respond to an invitation to hear His command and to proclaim it.

It's powerful to be in great company. What does the old adage say, "there is strength in numbers". It is a good thing to dwell in unity with the brethren. When we find ourselves in the company of believers, amongst those of like precious faith, it is powerful. It is something to which we can give thanks to the LORD. He sets us in families and I would venture to say, He sets us in companies as well. He is the commander of the armies of the Lord and he gives the Word and those that publish and proclaim it are a great host. It's powerful to be in great company.

Multiplied grace and peace in the Lord.

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